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WSF/IfSoz/Demographie (Jun.-Prof.)

Details ansehen zu: WSF/IfSoz/Demographie (Jun.-Prof.)
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2018 Attitudes toward abortion among the Muslim minority and non-Muslim majority in cross-national perspective: can religiosity explain the differences?: Sociology of religion, ISSN 1759-8818, ZDB-ID 2070139-1. - Oxford : Oxford Univ. Pr Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
2018 Migrant status and lone motherhood - risk factors of female labour force participation in Switzerland: Lone parenthood in the life course , ISBN 978-3-319-63295-7. - Cham : Springer Open Teil einer Monographie/eines Konferenzbandes Elektronische Ressource
2018 The importance of a religious funeral ceremony among Turkish migrants and their descendants in Germany: Final journeys : migrant end-of-life care and rituals in Europe, ISBN 1-138-74970-2 , ISBN 978-1-138-74970-2. - London : Routledge Teil einer Monographie/eines Konferenzbandes Druckschrift
2017 Fertility patterns among Turkish women in Turkey and abroad: the effects of international mobility, migrant generation, and family background: European journal of population, ISSN 1572-9885, ZDB-ID 2015429-X. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
2017 The presence of a third person in face-to-face interviews with immigrant descendants: patterns, determinants, and effects: Situating children of migrants across borders and origins : a methodological overview , ISBN 978-94-024-1141-6. - Dordrecht : Springer Open Teil einer Monographie/eines Konferenzbandes Elektronische Ressource