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Publikation: Monographie

Facets of globalisation


Titel Facets of globalisation
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Verlag Universitätsverlag Winter
Verlagsort Heidelberg
Serie Anglistik und Englischunterricht ; Band 83
Auflage 1. Auflage
Publikationsform Druckschrift
Publikationsart Monographie
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 3-8253-6707-X
Letzte Änderung 18.09.2019 13:09:09
Bearbeitungsstatus durch UB Rostock abschließend validiert
Dauerhafte URL http://purl.uni-rostock.de/fodb/pub/52997
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"For many years, 'anglistik & englischunterricht' has been devoted to the exploration of a wide range of questions within the field of British and American culture and the teaching of culture. The objective of the first volume on globalisation is to provide a diverse approach to the problem area of globalisation, which, perhaps more than any other issue, needs to be addressed from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. It is, however, also self-evident that the number of specific questions to be covered within the scope of this volume is necessarily very limited and cannot serve as a systematic introduction to a problem area that, by definition, defies any such endeavour. Therefore, the publication offers a selection of contributions from linguistic, literary, film and cultural studies with a partly strong focus on teaching on secondary and tertiary levels. The volume should offer valuable insights not only for teachers at schools and universities but also for the interested public." --

Untergeordnete Publikationen

Seite 7 – 19 Introduction
Seite 21 – 47 Globalisation, Globality or Globalism?
Seite 119 – 141 Film, film studies and globalisation: more questions than answers?


Rossow, Holger Link zur UB Rostock Link zum GBV-Katalog


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