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Mein Studienbuch Winter 2021/22

1. Fachsemester

Nummer Veranstaltung Status
70062 Language and Society
70063 “More Irish than the Irish themselves”: The Languages of Colonisers, Nationalists, and Immigrants in Ireland
70099 Caribbean Short Stories
70104 Twentieth Century American Poetry: a Journey
70118 Unsettling! Slavery, Dispossession, and American Hauntings
70131 Ecofeminist Literature and Transculturation (BATS)
70158 Life Writing and Embodiment: Contemporary Narratives of Illness, Ageing and Gender
70182 Cultural Representations of the US Mexico Borderlands
70185 Making Up with Makeovers: Performing Selves in Reality TV Formats
70196 Cultures of Nuclear Reactions
70199 Black Movements in American History
70201 Detective Series: Tracing Clues in TV and Fiction
70202 The Transcultural Dimension of Globalisation, BATS
70209 Ghosts and Phantoms in American Culture
70213 Encounters with the Undead: The Zombie Imagination as a Reflection of Crises and Anxieties
70251 Task Based Learning - Reloaded
70261 Planung und Gestaltung von Englischunterricht für SPÜ-TeilnehmerInnen für alle Lehrämter semesterbegleitend
70268 Planung und Gestaltung von Englischunterricht für SPÜ-TeilnehmerInnen im Projekt
70269 Back again? Grammatik im kompetenzorientierten Englischunterricht
70273 Schulpraktische Übungen
70289 Mündliche Sprachlernleistungen im Fremdsprachenunterricht
70293 Englischunterricht digital. Methoden für den Distanzunterricht.
70294 Tech Tools for Learning and Teaching English. Digitale Medien im Englischunterricht.
70355 Sprachpraxis IV: Translation: German-English I
70360 BATS: Academic Writing
70370 Sprachpraxis IV: Writing the World
70400 Survey Lecture American Literature (Part II)
70406 Essentials of English Linguistics
70410 Energy Cultures
70421 How Fiction Works: Contemporary Composite Novels
70427 William Shakespeare's The Tempest: Texts, Contexts, Reimaginings (BATS)
70463 Corpus Linguistics
70498 English as a Global Language (BATS)