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Herr Wolfgang Baumann

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1-Titanacyclobuta-2,3-diene Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
Diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy measurements as screening method of potential reactions of API and excipients in drug formulations Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Visiting the limits between a highly strained 1-zirconacyclobuta-2,3-diene and chemically robust dizirconacyclooctatetraene Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Low-temperature hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol with a homogeneous cobalt catalyst Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Improved second generation iron pincer complexes for effective ester hydrogenation Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
In Situ FTIR and NMR Spectroscopic Investigations on Ruthenium-Based Catalysts for Alkene Hydroformylation Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Multiple and highly selective Alkyne-Isonitrile C-C and C-N couplings at group 4 metallocenes Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
Selective catalytic hydrogenations of nitriles, ketones, and aldehydes by well-defined manganese pincer complexes Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
Unravelling the mechanism of basic aqueous methanol dehydrogenation catalyzed by Ru-PNP pincer complexes Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Crystal structure of bis(5-cyclopenta-dienyl)(2, 3-diethylbutane-1, 4-diyl)-hafnium(IV) Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
In situ synthesis of neutral dinuclear rhodium diphosphine complexes [{Rh(diphosphine)(mu(2)-X)}(2)] Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
Reactions of [Cp2Ti(eta(2)-Me3SiC2SiMe3)] with 1,4-Bis(diphenylphosphanyl)but-2-yne Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Thermal Isomerization of the Buchwald Seven-Membered Zirconacyclocumulene and Its Interaction with Acetylenes. Synthesis and Structures of Novel Seven-Membered Zirconacyclocumulene Complexes Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Coordination behavior and reactivity of alpha-Heterosubstituted Trimethylsilylalkynes at titano- and zirconocene Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Coordination behavior and reactivity of -heterosubstituted trimethylsilylalkynes at titano- and zirconocene Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
A novel domino synthesis of quinazolinediones by palladium-catalyzed double carbonylation Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Olefin isomerization hydroformylation reaction with hemilabile tridentate phosphite modified rhodium catalysts Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Reactivity of a seven-membered zirconacyclocumulene towards CN multiple bonds Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Synthesis of new diphosphine ligands and their application in pd-catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation reactions Sonstiges Druckschrift
Unusual nitrile-nitrile and nitrile-alkyne coupling of Fc-Ci=N and Fc-Ci=Ci-Ci=N Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Well-defined iron catalyst for improved hydrogenation of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Synthesis and characterization of permethylated 1,3,5-tri- and 1,3,5,7-tetracarbonyl compounds Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Reaction of secondary phosphine oxides with rhodium(I) Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Synthesis and characterization of cyclopropylpolyketides Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Trinuclear rhodium complexes and their relevance for asymmetric hydrogenation Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift