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Herr Dr. rer. nat. Jan Lukas

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E-Mail   Telefon +49 381 494-4713
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Universitätsmedizin Rostock (UMR)
UMR/KN/Sektion für Translationale Neurogeneration "Albrecht Kossel"


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Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and protein misfolding in disorders of the liver and pancreas Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Dose-dependent effect of enzyme replacement therapy on neutralizing antidrug antibody titers and clinical outcome in patients with Fabry disease Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Glucosylsphingosine causes hematological and visceral changes in mice - evidence for a pathophysiological role in Gaucher disease Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
"In vitro" enzyme measurement to test pharmacological chaperone responsiveness in fabry and pompe disease Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Functional and clinical consequences of novel -galactosidase a mutations in fabry disease Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Identification of an allosteric binding site on Human Lysosomal Alpha-Galactosidase opens the way to new pharmacological chaperones for fabry disease Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Enzyme enhancers for the treatment of fabry and Pompe disease Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
A novel, highly sensitive and specific biomarker for Niemann-Pick type C1 disease Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource
Reduced cerebellar neurodegeneration after combined therapy with cyclodextrin/allopregnanolone and miglustat in NPC1 Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift


Aberrant expressions of delta-protocadherins in the brain of Npc1 mutant mice Zeitschriftenartikel Druckschrift
Defects in the retina of Niemann-pick type C 1 mutant mice Zeitschriftenartikel Elektronische Ressource


Characterisation of novel α-galactosidase A mutations in Fabry disease based on in vitro, in vivo and pharmacological data Dissertationsschrift Druckschrift
Characterisation of novel -galactosidase A mutations in Fabry disease based on in vitro, in vivo and pharmacological data Dissertationsschrift Elektronische Ressource