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Publikation: Monographie

Ritual, emotion, and materiality in the early Christian world


Titel Ritual, emotion, and materiality in the early Christian world
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Verlag Routledge
Verlagsort London
Seitenzahl 242
Serie Ritual in the ancient Mediterranean
Publikationsform Druckschrift
Publikationsart Monographie
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-032-05479-7
Letzte Änderung 07.03.2023 06:02:01
Bearbeitungsstatus durch UB Rostock abschließend validiert
Dauerhafte URL http://purl.uni-rostock.de/fodb/pub/67596
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"This volume advances our understanding of early Christianity as a lived religion by approaching it through its rites, the emotions and affects surrounding those rites, and the material setting for the practice of them. The connections between emotions and ritual, between rites and their materiality, and between emotions and their physical manifestation in ancient Mediterranean culture have been inadequately explored as yet, especially with regard to early Christianity and its water and dining rites. Readers will find all three areas-ritual, emotion, and materiality-engaged in this exemplary interdisciplinary study, which provides fresh insights into early Christianity and its world. Ritual, Emotion, and Materiality in the Early Christian World will be of special interest to interdisciplinary-minded researchers, seminarians, and students who are attentive to theory and method, and those with an interest in the New Testament and earliest Christianity. It will also appeal to those working on ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman religion, emotion, and ritual from a comparative standpoint"--

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Seite 42 – 64 Water rites in the world of the New Testament: archaeological Highlights


Al-Suadi, Soham Link zur UB Rostock Link zum GBV-Katalog
Ascough, Richard S.
DeMaris, Richard E.


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