Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
70360 BATS: Academic Writing Übung
70131 Ecofeminist Literature and Transculturation (BATS) Hauptseminar
70410 Energy Cultures Vorlesung
70498 English as a Global Language (BATS) Hauptseminar
70406 Essentials of English Linguistics Vorlesung
70400 Survey Lecture American Literature (Part II) Vorlesung
70500 Theories and Methods of British and American Transcultural Studies (BATS) Kolloquium
70202 The Transcultural Dimension of Globalisation, BATS Hauptseminar
70427 William Shakespeare's The Tempest: Texts, Contexts, Reimaginings (BATS) Hauptseminar