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Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
70160 Grundkurs: Introduction to Cultural Studies Rossow Grundkurs
70166 "I'm here to fight for truth, and justice, and the American way!" - Heroes and Superheroes in American Popular Culture Becker Proseminar
70168 Who Or What Am I? Facets of Identity Rossow Proseminar
70169 Mudbloods, Noughts, and Mockingjays: Constructions of Race, Class, Gender, and Species in Young Adult Fiction Becker Proseminar
70177 Fight the Power!: US Protest Movements from 1619 to Covid-19 Massey Proseminar
70206 Identity Politics - Panacea or Pandora's Box Rossow Hauptseminar
70303 Berufsvorbereitendes Lektüremodul (Lehramt an Regionalen Schulen und an Gymnasien) Rossow Kolloquium
70372 Coal Cultures (LA Grundschule) Crane Proseminar
70373 Critical Animal Studies Crane Hauptseminar
70374 Travel Writing (BATS) Crane Hauptseminar
70405 Some Fundamentals of Cultural Studies in 12 Music Videos Crane Vorlesung
70407 Collective Identities in a Globalised World Rossow Vorlesung
70492 Collecting the Traces, Reconstructing Black Lives Zittlau Hauptseminar